Codari si adaptari Vag-Com - Activarea diferitelor functii + meniul ascuns la A5

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    30 Ian 2008
    Audi A6 3.0T custom :)
    Din intamplare am gasit urmatorul articol ce mi s-a parut interesant si il postez aici pentru eventualele persoane interesate:

    "Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5 - probably A4 B8 too, maybe A6 etc. as well (by LoCal)
    27.6.2008 (updated 13.10.2008) - Fellow Audi enthusiast LoCal continues with his contributions, this time by collecting interesting VAG-COM codes for Audis from various forums. Thanks LoCal and all the original posters linked here!
    VAG-COM is a cable and software package by Ross-Tech ( that allows diagnosing and changing maintenance-shop level software settings in Audis and other Volkswagen Group vehicles. In this article I have collected interesting VAG-COM settings for Audi A5, which are possibly relevant for other models as well, especially Audi A4 B8 but probably other, especially MMI based cars, too.

    WARNING! If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do anything with VAG-COM. You can seriously mess up the settings of your car with this tool. I have not personally tried any of the settings listed here, I have collected them from the Internet and provided the links for you to check out the original postings. Please verify any changes you intend to make from other sources as well. The risk is all yours.

    Also note, there may be market-to-market and model-year differences in how these settings affect your car. A setting that might work for someone else does not necessarily work for you.

    That said, here are some of the interesting tweaks you can make with VAG-COM:

    Hidden menu: C99 reported ( in an thread how you can access a hidden maintenance menu via MMI. (This may require the “real” MMI, it may not work on a Concert/Symphony radio. See here for more on the “real” MMI vs. radios: Apparently you can access this hidden menu by holding down CAR and SETUP for five seconds. There are whole host of settings you can access here, like adjusting MMI timings, visible options - apparently you can even adjust the TV blackout speed or remove it. I hear you can also make CAR menu selections appear without speed limit. WARNING! According to reports don't select "Bootloader", it will lock the system in a software update mode without a way out ( Some general info on the same/similar hidden menu in A6 is here: If this menu doesn’t work and your MMI version is up to date, you need to enable the menu with the following VAG-COM steps: Head unit controller (07), Adaptation, Channel 8, change 0 to 1, Save.


    UPDATE by mk 13.10.2008: Useful links below for more information on the hidden menu.

    A Video tour of the new and old US Car+Setup menus...

    German hidden menu description

    Hidden menu i the MMI

    Thanks to kkrull for pointing these out!


    Battery and oil level in CAR menu: Although the sensor information is available in many cars for either of these settings, it is disabled by default in many cars. From the hidden menu mentioned above you can enable these CAR menu entries by selecting, from the hidden menu, DIAG SETTING, then Car Menus Maske, enabling the settings you want and then clicking Accept Changes. See the hidden link URLs above for more information and pictures on this. You may need to restart MMI/car before these take effect. (That posting is also partially quoted here as a “mirror”:

    Adaptive cruise control default distance: In cars with adaptive cruise control the default distance (1 to 4) can be changed from the CAR menu. If this menu option is hidden in you car, apparently you can enable it with VAG-COM. From the Auto distance regulation module 13, Adaptation, Channel 7, change 0 to 1, Save. Thanks must also go to Ville_K for this and confirmation of other information here (Finnish report here:

    Removing seat belt chime: Seat belt warning chime is possible to disable/enable from VAG-COM: Instruments 17, Coding, Long coding helper, Seat belt warning active active/inactive, Transfer coding, Do it!. Thanks to Ville_K and also Ross-Tech (

    Convenience opening of windows: In some markets the ability to open and close windows with the keyfob (by holding down lock/unlock key) is disabled. Ross-Tech reports in the link above that by going to Cent. Conv. 46, Coding, Long Coding Helper, clicking Comfort Operation: Remote Control active, then Transfer coding, Do it!.

    Phone voice control: Cars without full speech dialogue system, but a phone-prep or an Audi Bluetooth phone, come standard with phone speech control. However, it is not enabled or fully enabled in all markets. In the U.S. it is fully disabled (some reports of info from dealers/Audi claim problems if enabling it), in some other markets it is set in limited mode that only allows saving and selecting of voice tags, not actual speech dialogue with the phone. Luckily you can change this with VAG-COM by editing module Telephone (77), Coding, and changing the second last digit in Software coding, options are e.g.: 0 disabled, 2 English UK, 9 allow only voice tags. So if you have it set to 9, changing it to 2 would enable phone-related speech dialogue which you can try out by saying HELP. There are a few different languages built in too. For references see this fine AudiWorld thread (, also Ville_K reported in Finnish (

    Daytime running lights behaviour: Daytime running lights (DRLs) behave differently in different markets, for example the front LED light strips that accompany Xenon lights turn off or dim in some markets when blinking/signalling. Aerodave on has researched this and posted his experiences here: In short, he reports that changing Central Electronics 09, Submodule 0 (Master Cent. Elec. box, rather than a slave module), Byte 3 (fourth from the left), Bit 7 (first bit from the left in the binary representation, bottom check box in the VAG-COM long coding helper) is the key. If set to 1, setting it to 0 makes the DRLs stay on when signalling. Thanks to Aerodave and please see the full thread for more!

    UPDATE 30.6./2.7.2008: Aerodave - thanks! - sent this great list of additional bits you can toggle and turn to change the DRL behaviour.

    For submodule 0:

    Byte 02
    bit 0 -
    bit 1 - front side markers as DRL
    bit 2 - headlights as DRL
    bit 3 - fog lights as DRL
    bit 4 - LED strip as DRL
    bit 5 -
    bit 6 - side markers as DRL
    bit 7 - tail lights as DRL

    Byte 03
    bit 0 -
    bit 1 -
    bit 2 - LEDs remain at full brightness with parking lights
    bit 3 -
    bit 4 - Turns off DRLs when checked
    bit 5 -
    bit 6 -
    bit 7 - Turn off LED-strip DRL with turn signal (dim LED if front side marker also selected as DRL)

    Byte 10
    bit 3 - Set to 0 to disable amber side markers (U.S. vehicles)

    See also:

    UPDATE 9.7./13.7.2008: Apparently Ross-Tech have added long coding helper labels for A5 Central Electronics module in later versions of their VAG-COM/VCDS software. The downside of this seems to be that you can not easily edit bits unknown to the software, like the bits controlling some aspects of day-time running light behaviour (previously they just had checkboxes without labels for easy changing). If you need to change these bits using VAG-COM and you can't see the easy checkboxes in your version, you need to edit either the module coding binary representation or the bytes manually. Aerodave reporrts here that you also need to hit tab, up or down after entering bits or byte manually in order to save them before exiting the long coding helper.

    If you choose to edit individual bytes, some instructions: When you need to change, say, bit 1 in Central Electronics submodule 0 byte 02 (front side markers as DRL) make note of the value displayed for byte 02 currently in the long coding helper. It is a byte displayed in hexadecimal numbers, ranging from 00 to FF (that is 0 to 255 in "regular" numbers, hex values just use letters A to F in addition to numbers). You will need to take the hex value of byte 02, convert it to binary representation, i.e. bit form (a byte consists of eight bits so the resulting "bit form" would be something like 10010001, eight zeros or ones), change the bit you want to change, and convert the bits back to a hex value that you can enter to the VAG-COM software in place of the old hex value.

    You can use e.g. this hexadecimal converter or any other capable converter or calculator if you don't know exactly how to do the math yourself. In the linked converter, type the hexadecimal value from VAG-COM to the hex field and you can see the bits in the top-most binary field of the converter. Change the bits you like and note the resulting hex value. In bit math bits are entered from right to left, the right-most bit being the bit 0 and the left-most bit 7. So, if you need to change bit 1, change the second digit from the right. To change, say, bit 7, change the first digit from the left. After changing the bits in the calculator, you can enter the resulting hex value to VAG-COM to replace to existing hexadecimal byte value there.

    If bit math isn't your thing, apparently you could also remove the labels file for the particular module from the VAG-COM directory (Labels sub-directory) to be able to see and click the unlabeled bit checkboxes again. See here:

    DVD navigation eject lock: Ross-Tech reports that by adjusting channel 068 in the Navigation module you can lock the DVD navigation eject button (anti-theft), 0 = button active, 1 = button inactive.

    Enabling lap timer and gauge test/needle sweep (update 31.7.2008): Ross-Tech have published ( instructions and a new version of their software (make sure you have the latest) to enable or disable lap timer (Instruments 17, coding, long coding helper and check Lap Timer active under one of the bytes, click them to find it) and gauge test/needle sweep in the instrument cluster (Instruments 17, coding, long coding helper and check Gauge Test/Needle Sweep active under one of the bytes).

    UPDATE 4.8.2008: See the Interesting VAG COM codes for A5/S5 thread on ( for more interesting notes on these and other VAG-COM codes. Sebastian from Ross-Tech comments there that A5 coding is surprisingly close to A3 (and unlike A6) in many parts.

    A lot of other VAG-COM settings have been published for A5, which I am not going to repeat here, see the following links for starting points. Many things can be adjusted, like fuel calculation, tire circumference for non-GPS navigation calculations etc.: (see post 25) (previous post mirrored here if you scroll down the page) (Ross-Tech’s diagnostics page) (large generic German VAG-COM coding site) (Audi A3 codings, some of them might be useful for A5 too)

    (Links updated 4.8.2008.)

    Good luck and be careful! Remember to make notes and “backups” of any settings you change so that you can try to go back if something goes wrong. Please be aware that VAG-COM is potentially a dangerous tool, you can mess something up.
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    14 Feb 2008
    Brasov - Zn
    A6 Allroad CGQB 2013 , S5 Sportback CWGD 2017 , Ducati
    Activarea diferitelor functii - Codari Vag-Com + meniul ascuns la A5

    Articolul este in engleza , folositi google translate

    Multe din ele pot fi gasite si aici :

    Personal am activat / folosesc urmatoarele :
    - meniul ascuns " Hidden menu"
    - nivelul bateriei si uleiului pe mmi 3g
    - cronometrul '' lap timer "
    - modul ce coboara oglinda laterala dreapta atunci cand e actionat R- reverse (marsarier-ul )
    - Video in motion
    - presiunea in pneuri ( era dotare de fabrica)
    - controlul intensitatii luminilor de la picioare "Adjustable footwell lighting"
    - proiectoare pentru lumini de cornering (se aprind la viteza de sub 15 km/h) "Fog lights as cornering lights"
    - ajustarea camerei de marsarier '' Rear view camera adjustment"
    - dezactivarea spalatoarelor de faruri

    In functie de dotari unele autovehicule pot avea sau nu o parte din aceste functii activate / dezactivate.
    Salvati inainte codul actual generat de vag -com inainte de a modifica ceva.
    Folositi cele de mai sus pe raspunderea dumneavoastra !!
    Va rog evitati discutiile offtopic.
    Toate cele bune
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  3. banditzelu 1st Gear Member

    4 Ian 2012
    Audi A5 , 2.0 tfsi quattro , 2011
    buna seara , daca sunteti amabil ,ce butoane trebuie sa apas sa ajung la meniu secret?as vrea sa imi activez mai multe chestii cum ar fi:
    -Operating Windows and Sunroof with Remote
    -Emergency Brake Flashing Lights
    -Adjust LED Brightness
    -Ledurile nu se mai sting cand semnalizezi
  4. marco_pavel 1st Gear Member

    11 Ian 2013
    A5, 2.7 TDI, 2010
    Am incercat sa intru in hidden menu dar nu merge. Tin apasat setup+car degeaba. Cum pot accesa meniul ?
  5. sabinsdn

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    14 Apr 2013
    A5 sportback, 3.0 TDI, 2010
    meniul poate fi accesat doar dupa ce l-ati activat in modulul 5F cu VCDS / VAG COM:

    Adaption Channel 06 vine setat pe 1

    Apoi cu Setup (apesi primul) + Car in MMI.
  6. Vraciu Vlad 1st Gear Member

    9 Noi 2014
    A5, 2000, 2011
    Activare coduri pe Audi A5

    Salut. Detin un Audi A5 din 2011. Am citit forumul general de 100 si ceva de pagini si am sortat cateva optiuni prin cod pe care mi le-as dori pe masina mea. Exista ori cunoasteti pe cineva care sa ma poata ajuta?platesc..

    Acestea ar fi optiunile:

    Hidden menu
    Battery level , boost, temperatura ulei, Fuel Volume Display
    Follow and coming pe faza scurta, si nu doar pe Auto
    Enabling lap timer
    Video in motion
    Cornering light
    dezactivarea spalatoarelor de faruri
    Emergency Brake Flashing Lights
    Adjust LED Brightness
    Portbagaj deschis fizic din telecomanda ???
    Activare afisare viteza pe ecran mmi
    Enabling doors locked armed sound
    Volum sunet mic cand deschid geamul ???
    blocarea automata a portierelor la 20km/h
    webasto si pe aer rece ???
    Activare nivel lichid spalat parbriz
    Auto Closing Sunroof & Windows via Rain Light Sensor Enable Ambient Interior Lighting Control
    Enable Rear Tail Lights on with DRLs
    Traducere automata romana ???

    Cele cu semnul intrebarii am dubii ca ar fi posibile.
  7. Cristi Staff member Staff Member

    21 Mar 2009
    Audi A4 B7 - S-line - 2.0 TDI ( BRE ) 140 CP
    Vraciu Vlad cauta colegi in aria de prestari servicii care te pot ajuta. Ce ai scris cu semnul intrebari nu se poate face la masina ta si ai primit deja raspuns la unele din intrebarile scrise anterior, intrebari scrie chiar in aceasta arie. Nu mai scrie / repeta mesajele inutil prin diferite topicuri. Multumesc
  8. noname00 5th Gear Member

    3 Iul 2008
    Audi A5 3.0TDI 240CP
    imi poate spune cineva ce semnifica la coding al 11-lea byte (numarand de la stg la dreapta) de pe 5F (Information Electr)? Masina este un A5 B8.5

    Am un scan mai vechi in care codarea arata asa:
    14 01 00 04 02 06 EB EF 2D 80 CF 5E 00 00 04 03 E4 01 00 02 00 00 00 00 00

    Iar acum (dupa ce a trecut masina pe la porsche) arata asa:
    14 01 00 04 02 06 EB EF 2D 80 CB 5E 00 00 04 03 E4 01 00 02 00 00 00 00 00
  9. Alin2009 1st Gear Member

    13 Ian 2018
    Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 170hp CAHA 2009
    Ma poate ajuts cineva cu us style ? Nu reusesc sa il activez pe a5...

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